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John Moore's collection of writings takes us back to a time when harvest gold and avocado green were all the rage and Green Stamps were as good as cash. He explores the wonders of yesterday, such as diners and drive-ins, fried baloney sandwiches, and picking up pop bottles for change. John covers a lot of topics in this book, including love and marriage, God and country, the land, the people, and the folks that kept us free. He reflects on things we see every day but don’t have time to pay much mind to because we’re too busy and moving too fast. You’ll recognize some of these stories. We’re all not that different and you might have one similar to tell. Thousands of people look forward to John’s column each week and here are some of his favorites in case you missed a few.

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What people are saying about Write of Passage.

Brings back a flood of memories!!
Wow....I so enjoyed this book! I grew up in a very small town, so it took me back to those days of riding my bike to the general store, walking through my grandparents' garden and picking/shelling peas, the music I listened to growing up, collecting S&H Green Stamps, and so much just brought back a ton of wonderful memories! I laughed and even cried at so many parts that touched my heart! This is a wonderful read for anyone!!! Thank you, John, for sharing your amazing stories.

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We need more books like this one. Nice escape to a simpler time. No cellphones, no arguing politics. People got along. Great read.

Well Worth the Read!
Once I started reading this book, I didn't put it down. It's been a long time since a book made me really laugh out loud, but this one surely did. If you're a baby boomer with a southern heritage, it will be a nostalgic and fun journey down memory lane. Highly recommend!

I thought I was reading about my hometown!!!
This is a great read! I felt like I was reading about my hometown growing up!



What people are saying about Puns for Groan People.

One day, my prints will come. - Johannes Gutenberg

May I have a word with you? - The Lettermen

I’d like to buy a vowel. - Pat Sajak

Newspaper Column

John’s weekly column, “Moore Thoughts” is carried by several newspapers in the South.

  • Tyler Morning Telegraph
  • Longview News-Journal
  • Kerrville Daily Times
  • Texarkana Gazette
  • Marshall News Messenger
  • The Community Chronicle


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